In the third grade, Ella March Chase told her teacher that she didn’t need to memorize her multiplication tables since she was going to be a best-selling author.At the age of twenty-five, she began weaving together her interests in history study and fiction writing.Kate, her daughter, states that the family’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were uncovered in the course of studying King Charles II.Even though Ella now lives with a rescued Shetland Sheepdog named Oliver Twist, she has never lost her interest in the royal intrigue of the Tudor and Stuart dynasties.

Ella March Chase!

She travelled to England where she fell under the spell of the Tower of London—the infamous Traitor’s Gate, the chapel where beheaded queens lay buried, the story of the two princes allegedly murdered by Richard III.  Ella began unearthing the obscure historical details that make larger than life figures painfully human.  From that fascination, the concepts for The Queen’s Dwarf, The Virgin Queen’s Daughter and Three Maids for a Crown emerged.

When Ella is not writing books, haunting the local libraries or burying herself in stacks of research books, she spends her time making up stories about pirates and dragons to delight her grandsons, growing fresh herbs to use in her legendary ‘magic’ soup, knitting all the bright colored yarn she can lay her hands on, having tea with her family and friends and playing folk ballads on her guitar because people who love her are too polite to beg her to stop.


The Virgin Queen’s Daughter

The Virgin Queen's Daughter

Crown Publishing Group
368 pages
Available in Hardcover, Trade Paperback, EBook, and Audiobook, read by Rosalind Landor.
For anyone fascinated by Elizabeth I and the Tudor dynasty, THE VIRGIN QUEEN’S DAUGHTER explores a well-founded but little known rumor about the virgin queen’s illegitimate child. With an empire at stake, Elizabeth I would have stopped at nothing—not even murder—to conceal the birth of a bastard child.  Despite her close and long-standing relationship with her guardian Thomas Seymour, a daughter resulting from their affair would have to be disposed of, immediately and secretly.    But what if a stealthy midwife were to steal the child and give her to an aristocratic family to raise?  And what if, years later and now grown into young womanhood, that Elinor de Lacy were to come to court as a lady-in-waiting to the queen herself? Dazzled by the lavishness surrounding her, unprepared for the viciousness of the courtiers, red-haired Elinor becomes the subject of the ruler’s ruthless lens.  And when an old woman mysteriously comes forward with an incredible tale and an impossible-to-dismiss piece of evidence, it becomes clear that the queen’s interest may not be as benign as it appears—and that Tudor plotting may lead Elinor to a future she never imagined.
Reviews from reader:

“An engaging story, well researched and skillfully written.” –Boston Globe

“Chase expertly blends a detailed historical setting, intriguing mix of real and fictional characters, and clever plot lightly sweetened with a dash of romance into a completely captivating novel.” –Chicago Tribune

“If Elizabeth I had a daughter, Nell is surely what she must have been like– brilliant and daring, risking everything for the right to fully exercise mind, heart, and spirit.” — Donna Woolfolk Cross, international bestselling author of Pope Joan

“The Lavish Costumes and ever-shifting Liaisons of Elizabethan court creates the perfect backdrop for a frothy tale of Romance and feminine Strength” –Chicago Sun Times

“a feast for all of those fascinated with the life and loves of Queen Elizabeth I ‘—Judith Merkle Riley, author of the serpent garden


“the virgin queen’s daughter is a beautifully written book with vividly drawn characters and a fabulous plot. i didn’t want to put it down.” Diane Haeger, author of the perfect royal mistress

” Beautifully written fiction with a fascinating hook.迫Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Boleyn

“a fresh and fascinating new glimpse of the famous tudor clan. an unforgettable story full of rich characterization, palace intrigue, and the perilous, often heartbreaking reality for those whose lives depended upon the whims of queens and kings.” –Susan Holloway Scott, author of the king’s favorite

“Ella March Chase is a master story teller. She spins a rich tapestry of history and fiction, weaving all the vibrancy of the Tudor court and the quest of a strong, unforgettable woman into a mesmerizing tale.” 祐usan Carroll, author of The Dark Queen

The Queen’s Dwarf

The Queen’s Dwarf

Jeffrey Hudson– the dwarf plucked from the pages of history who can match the exploits of Tyrion Lannister.

“A feast for readers told by a masterful author.  The seemingly fantastical– yet historically accurate– collection of characters will tug at your heart.” –Tasha Alexander, New York Times bestselling author
“Enthralling, unexpected, and mysterious, this vivid novel… offers a fascinating tale of an unlikely hero and his companions’ hunt for a royal assassin, even as an infamous love affair threatens to overturn the kingdom.”
— C.W. Gortner, author of The Tudor Conspiracy

Three Maids for a Crown: A Novel of the Grey Sisters

Three Maids for a Crown

What have I to wager?  Three maids for a crown.
I cast them to fate in dark London town.
In an age where begetting sons was all that mattered and queens rose and fell on the sex of their child, three girls with royal Tudor blood were born to the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk, parents with a passion for gambling.  The stakes they would wager–  their daughters’ lives against rampant ambition.
Lady Jane Grey:  Fourth in line to inherit her great uncle Henry VIII’s throne.  Jane’s parents (Henry and Frances Grey) are determined to make their shy, scholarly daughter queen of England.  But when their plan to wed her to Henry’s son Edward fails, they strike a far deadlier bargain.
Lady Katherine Grey: Seeking solace in her love of pets, Katherine blossoms into the family beauty. To survive her family’s shifting fortunes Kat will become lady in waiting to the queen who executed her older sister, then serve Elizabeth Tudor who is determined to humble ‘the upstart Grey’.   Burning under the humiliations Elizabeth deals her, Katherine comes close to stealing her cousin’s throne and risks the wrath of a queen for love.
Lady Mary Grey: A dwarf with a twisted spine, ‘Crouchback Mary’ never hopes to win a man’s devotion.  Her blessing and her curse: intuition that helps her empathize with the tormented queen who executes her favorite sister.  In an effort to protect people she loves, Mary will be the catalyst for disaster.  But despite her sisters’ troubled fates, Mary will do the unthinkable.  She suffers Elizabeth’s fury, but manages a triumph of the spirit that surprises the whole court.
Three sisters had no choice but to face the destinies written in their Tudor blood.  The strongest shield they carried– The knowledge that they could depend on each other.


Reviews from reader:

“That Lady Jane Grey had two tragic sisters is one of the neglected stories of the Elizabethan age.  High praise to Ella March Chase, who knows her Tudor history, for putting this fascinating and doomed trio at the center of an ingenious work of fiction.” – G.J. MEYER, AUTHOR OF THE TUDORS

“Thanks to the skilled craftmanship of Ella March Chase, the three Grey sisters come vividly to life in THREE MAIDS FOR A CROWN, an intimate portrait of their struggle in the hostile environment of the Tudor court-a world brilliantly recreated in this thoroughly engrossing novel.” -KATE EMERSON, AUTHOR OF BY ROYAL DECREE  

The Nine Day Queen

The Nine Day Queen

Queen Jane Grey’s eldest sister is Lady Jane Grey. She is shy and intelligent, preferring the companionship of her sisters to the intrigues of the court.
Jane is only Henry’s fourth in line for the throne, but she is too vital to be used as a pawn. After her parents’ plan to marry her off to Prince Edward falls through, they devise a much bolder — and perhaps disastrous — strategy to make Jane Queen.