Love On The Brain By Ali Hazelwood Book

Love On The Brain By Ali Hazelwood Book Review

Are you tired of the same old romance stories, where love seems to bloom in predictable places and ways? Maybe you’re searching for a book that blends the thrill of falling in love with the excitement of scientific discovery.

Good news! There’s a novel out there that hits all these sweet spots – “Love on the Brain” by Ali Hazelwood.

Ali Hazelwood brings us into a world where brains meet heartbeats, giving readers something truly unique. This review will dive into how “Love on the Brain” not only delivers a steamy enemies-to-lovers storyline but elevates it with smart, STEM-centric twists.

Get ready to fall for this brainy romance – it just might be your new favorite read!

Love On The Brain By Ali Hazelwood Book

About the Author

Ali Hazelwood is a trailblazer in the literary world, combining her love for romance with her passion for STEM fields. She first captivated readers with “The Love Hypothesis,” which earned its spot as a New York Times bestseller.

ali hazelwood author

In her work, she champions women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), offering an authentic voice that resonates with many.

Her writing stands out for its humorous and sharp-witted portrayal of relationships within academic settings. Ali Hazelwood’s storytelling weaves together complex characters who navigate both romantic tensions and professional challenges—often highlighting the underrepresented experiences of women in STEM careers.

Her latest novel “Love on the Brain” carries forward this STEMinist rom-com legacy, delighting fans with another engaging love story grounded by her signature blend of intellectual charm and emotional depth.

Book Overview

Are you a fan of romantic comedies and looking for a fun, heartwarming read that also showcases representation in STEM fields? Look no further than Ali Hazelwood’s “Love On The Brain.” This swoon-worthy rom-com not only delivers on the classic enemies-to-lovers trope but also features a neuroscientist as the main character, providing much-needed representation in the genre.

In “Love On The Brain,” Ali Hazelwood brings to life the sizzling chemistry between rivals Bee and Levi, all set against the backdrop of neuroscience labs. With its unique blend of romance and science, this book is sure to captivate readers who are looking for something fresh and exciting in the rom-com genre.

Are you ready to dive into a delightful romantic comedy with an added twist of STEM representation? Join us as we delve into our review of “Love On The Brain” by Ali Hazelwood!

STEM Representation

Ali Hazelwood’s “Love on the Brain” stands out for its refreshing representation of women in STEM. The novel features a neuroscientist protagonist, offering an empowering portrayal of a woman excelling in a male-dominated field.

With a perfect blend of love and science, the book highlights the challenges and triumphs faced by individuals pursuing careers in STEM. Hazelwood skillfully weaves in themes of chemistry and neuroscientific research, providing readers with an authentic insight into the world of neuroscience labs.

Readers will appreciate the significant amount of women showcased in STEM roles within the storyline, as it adds depth and relevance to the romantic comedy narrative. Additionally, Ali Hazelwood brings attention to veganism through her writing, further showcasing her ability to integrate contemporary social themes into her work seamlessly.

Love On The Brain By Ali Hazelwood Book 2

Rom-Com Genre

Ali Hazelwood’s “Love On The Brain” falls into the rom-com genre, offering readers a delightful blend of romance and comedy. With its enemies to lovers storyline, the book captures the tension and chemistry between Bee and Levi, creating an engaging romantic plot.

Hazelwood skillfully weaves in elements of STEM representation, adding depth and uniqueness to the traditional rom-com narrative. Through her snarky and funny writing style, she brings to life a heartwarming love story with a refreshing emphasis on women in STEM fields.

This novel is highly anticipated due to its perfect combination of love and science that resonates with readers looking for a swoon-worthy enemies to lovers tale with a focus on STEM themes.

Review of \”Love On The Brain\”

Ali Hazelwood’s “Love On The Brain” is a delightful rom-com that brings STEM representation to the forefront of the genre. With its captivating plot and endearing characters, this novel is a must-read for anyone looking for a swoon-worthy love story with a unique twist.

Plot Summary

Bee, a brilliant neuroscientist, is determined to win the prestigious Coulter Prize. However, her plans are disrupted when Levi–her infuriating yet attractive rival–joins the lab.

As they compete for the same prize, Bee and Levi engage in hilarious banter and intense rivalry that slowly turns into something more. The enemies-to-lovers trope unfolds against the backdrop of neuroscience labs, infusing the romance with an exciting STEM element that sets this rom-com apart.

The novel’s engaging plot artfully weaves together the electrifying chemistry between Bee and Levi with their professional ambitions in the field of science. Ali Hazelwood skillfully combines humor, tension, and captivating character dynamics to create a delightful romantic story that resonates with readers seeking love stories amid STEM settings.

Writing Style

Ali Hazelwood’s writing style in “Love on the Brain” is engaging and dynamic, keeping readers captivated with her snarky humor and witty dialogue. She skillfully weaves together elements of neuroscience research and romance, creating a compelling narrative that seamlessly integrates STEM themes into a swoon-worthy rom-com.

Her prose is vibrant and filled with emotion, drawing readers into the lives of Bee and Levi while also celebrating the representation of women in STEM fields. With a perfect balance of humor, heartwarming moments, and well-paced storytelling, Hazelwood delivers an irresistible enemies-to-lovers tale that showcases her talent for blending romance with scientific authenticity.

Readers will appreciate how Ali Hazelwood effortlessly infuses her writing with authentic STEM details without sacrificing the lightheartedness and charm typical of romantic comedies.


Transitioning from the charming writing style, the characters in “Love on the Brain” are vibrant and relatable. The main characters, Bee and Levi, come to life with their distinctive personalities and compelling storylines.

Bee is a determined scientist with a sharp wit and a passion for her work in neuroscience. Her character brings depth to the representation of women in STEM fields, resonating with readers who appreciate strong female leads.

On the other hand, Levi’s charismatic charm and complex layers make him an endearing counterpart to Bee’s character. The interactions between these two dynamic individuals create an entertaining and heartwarming enemies-to-lovers romance that captivates readers from start to finish.

Overall Enjoyment

After getting invested in the lives and passion of Bee and Levi, readers are swept away by the beautiful blend of romance and STEM representation. Ali Hazelwood’s “Love on the Brain” masterfully weaves a heartwarming love story with relatable characters navigating their way through the obstacles of finding love amidst scientific pursuits.

The playful banter, fiery chemistry, and genuine emotional connection between the characters make this enemies-to-lovers rom-com an absolute delight to dive into.

Readers find themselves thoroughly captivated by Hazelwood’s storytelling as she effortlessly combines humor, romance, and science in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening.


In conclusion, “Love On The Brain” by Ali Hazelwood offers a delightful blend of romance and STEM representation. The novel’s enemies-to-lovers storyline with a focus on women in STEM provides an engaging and heartwarming read.

Readers can easily connect with the snarky humor, slow-burn romance, and vibrant characters. With its practical approach to showcasing love and science, this book stands out as an important contribution to literature.

For those seeking further exploration of rom-coms with STEM representation, “Love On The Brain” is a must-read addition to your bookshelf. Embrace the swoon-worthy tale while celebrating the merging of love and intellect in this captivating narrative!

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