Review Under One Roof Stemist Novellas 1 By Ali Hazelwood (1)

Review Under One Roof Stemist Novellas 1 By Ali Hazelwood

In the vibrant world of romantic literature, stories often tread the line between fantasy and reality, leaving readers yearning for tales that resonate with authenticity. Enter “Under One Roof,” a novella by Ali Hazelwood that does just this by weaving together the worlds of science and love into an enthralling narrative.

As an avid reader and critic with a penchant for feminist fiction, particularly where women in STEM fields take center stage, I’ve delved deep into this genre, uncovering stories that empower and inspire.

“Under One Roof” stands out as a gem among novellas – short enough to devour in one sitting yet packed with emotional depth and wit that promise a full spectrum reading experience.

This review goes beyond mere plot recounting; it unpacks how Hazelwood crafts characters who are as real as they are endearing in their 112-page journey together. Get ready to explore why this book deserves every star in its five-star acclaim.

Discover why you can’t miss diving into Mara’s story—a tale of proximity-induced passion sprinkled with scientific banter.

About the Book

Review Under One Roof Stemist Novellas 1 By Ali Hazelwood (1)

Title: Under One Roof by Ali Hazelwood is a romance novella that explores the dynamic between scientists Mara, Sadie, and Hannah as they navigate friendship and enemies-to-lovers tropes.

With just 112 pages, this book packs a punch in a short amount of time.

Title (Under One Roof)

“Under One Roof” dives into the engaging story of Mara and Liam, whose lives intersect when they find themselves sharing a living space due to unforeseen circumstances. This forced proximity sets the stage for an enemies-to-lovers romance that crackles with chemistry and combustive tension.

Authored by Ali Hazelwood as part of The STEMinist Novellas series, this novella blends the passion for science with the sparks of unexpected love.

The compact tale spans just 112 pages but packs in emotion, humor, and a testament to strong female friendship between three scientist friends committed to their STEM careers. Readers have showered this feminist literature piece with high praise, rewarding it a stellar 5-star rating for its delightful mix of academic smarts and heartwarming moments—all neatly tucked under one roof.

Author (Ali Hazelwood)

Ali Hazelwood, the talented author behind “Under One Roof,” is known for her exceptional storytelling skills and ability to craft engaging narratives within a concise framework. As part of The STEMinist Novellas series, Ali Hazelwood adeptly combines romance with science, weaving together a compelling story that resonates with readers.

Her writing style effortlessly captures the complexities of relationships and dynamics between characters, creating an immersive experience for the audience. With her succinct yet impactful storytelling, Ali Hazelwood showcases a remarkable talent for delivering captivating narratives that leave a lasting impression on readers.

Readers have lauded Ali Hazelwood’s ability to infuse depth into characters and plotlines despite the novella’s compact length. She skillfully portrays the conflicts and interactions between Mara and Liam, enthralling audiences with their tense yet magnetic relationship.

Genre (Romance)

The novella “Under One Roof” falls into the romance genre and is part of The STEMinist Novellas series by Ali Hazelwood. Set against the backdrop of science and technology, the story delves into the complexities of relationships and love within a tight-knit community of scientists.

The book introduces readers to Mara and Liam’s dynamic, featuring an enemies-to-lovers trope that unfolds in their forced cohabitation. This compact yet compelling narrative offers a captivating mix of romance, scientific pursuits, and engaging storytelling that has earned high praise from readers.

Ali Hazelwood crafts a concise yet emotionally charged storyline in “Under One Roof,” showcasing how two opposing characters navigate their relationship amidst shared endeavors in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) fields.

Publication Date

Released on [Publication Date], “Under One Roof” by Ali Hazelwood has quickly gained popularity among readers. The novella, spanning just 112 pages, offers a compelling and engaging narrative that captivates the audience from start to finish.

With its unique blend of romance and science, this publication showcases the author’s ability to deliver a perfect and satisfying reading experience in a concise format. Furthermore, the high praise and 5-star rating it has garnered indicate its quality content and strong reader engagement, making it a must-read for fans of romance fiction.

Ali Hazelwood’s “Under One Roof” was released on [Publication Date], offering readers an immersive journey into the lives of Mara, Sadie, and Hannah – three dedicated scientists navigating their friendships amidst professional pursuits.

The compact yet captivating novella presents a forced proximity romance between Mara and Liam within the realm of STEM science, demonstrating the author’s prowess in crafting dynamic storytelling within limited page count.

Page Count

The novella of “Under One Roof” spans a mere 112 pages, delivering an impactful and engaging storyline within a concise framework. Despite its brevity, the book effectively captures the dynamics of relationships, showcasing the conflicts and evolution between Mara and her nemesis-turned-lover.

This compact length ensures that readers can delve into a compelling narrative without committing to an extensive reading session, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a satisfying read in a shorter timeframe.

While clocking in at just over 100 pages, “Under One Roof” packs all the elements of romance, science, and captivating storytelling that kept readers thoroughly engaged.


Readers have given the novella “Under One Roof” by Ali Hazelwood a perfect 5-star rating, indicating its exceptional quality and captivating content. The story unfolds over a compact 112 pages but manages to deliver a deeply satisfying reading experience for fans of romance and compelling storytelling.

Despite its brevity, the book resonates with readers due to the author’s skillful blend of science, friendship dynamics, and an engaging enemies-to-lovers romance plotline.

Ali Hazelwood’s ability to succinctly capture the essence of her characters’ conflicts and growth within such a concise narrative has left readers wanting more from The STEMinist Novellas series as a whole.

With its fast-paced yet emotionally rich storyline, “Under One Roof” is lauded for delivering perfection in both form and substance.

Plot Summary

Review Under One Roof Stemist Novellas 1 By Ali Hazelwood (2)

Mara and her nemesis are forced to cohabitate, leading to conflicts and unexpected dynamics between them. The novella also showcases the strong friendship between Mara, Sadie, and Hannah as they navigate their lives as scientists in a male-dominated field.

Mara and her nemesis forced to cohabitate

Forced to cohabitate, Mara and her nemesis, Liam, navigate their conflicting personalities while living under the same roof. Their interactions portray a mix of tension and unexpected chemistry as they confront their differences daily.

Despite the challenges, their forced residence serves as a backdrop for the development of an enticing enemies-to-lovers dynamic.

The cohabitation aspect adds depth to the story, allowing readers to witness the characters’ evolution within close quarters. It creates an environment that intensifies their emotions and actions, enhancing the drama and passion in this compact yet compelling 112-page novella.

Mara, Sadie, and Hannah’s friendship

Mara, Sadie, and Hannah share an unbreakable bond as they navigate the challenges of being scientists. They provide unwavering support to each other while pursuing their respective fields of study.

Their friendship is not only a source of strength but also adds depth and warmth to the storyline, creating a heartwarming dimension that resonates with readers.

The trio’s camaraderie reflects genuine camaraderie melded with dedication towards their scientific pursuits. As individuals who are committed to their careers, their bond exemplifies solidarity and empowerment, making it an integral part of the book’s appeal.

Enemies-to-lovers trope

Mara’s and Liam’s initial animosity gradually transforms into an unexpected romance, following the classic enemies-to-lovers trope. Their forced cohabitation creates a compelling dynamic that begins with hostility but evolves into affection.

As scientists dedicated to their respective fields, their intellectual sparring and personal conflicts add depth to the storyline, making their transition from adversaries to romantic partners both entertaining and heartwarming.

The tension between Mara and Liam adds a layer of complexity to their relationship, providing readers with an engaging narrative that keeps them invested in the characters’ emotional journey.

The organic development of their feelings as they navigate through challenges together offers a delightful exploration of love blossoming from conflict.

Personal Review

Review Under One Roof Stemist Novellas 1 By Ali Hazelwood (3)

Fast and cute read, perfection in 112-pages, and a great lesson on love and friendship. Check out my full review for more details!

Fast and cute listen

The novella “Under One Roof” by Ali Hazelwood is a fast and cute listen, offering an engaging romance in just 112 pages. The delightful enemies-to-lovers trope is artfully portrayed, making it a perfect pick for readers seeking a satisfying and quick romantic read.

With its blend of science, compelling storytelling, and endearing characters, this novella proves to be an ideal choice for fans of the enemies-to-lovers genre and those looking for a captivating love story set within the backdrop of scientific pursuits.

Readers will find themselves drawn into the world of Mara and Liam as their forced proximity leads to unexpected chemistry and endearing moments. The concise yet impactful narrative ensures that every page delivers on both entertainment and emotional depth, making it an enjoyable listening experience for anyone seeking a short but fulfilling romantic escape.

Perfection in 112-pages

Ali Hazelwood’s novella, “Under One Roof,” encapsulates perfection in just 112 pages. The concise narrative wastes no time in delivering a captivating reading experience, making every page count.

Despite its brevity, readers are treated to a complete and gratifying storyline that blends romance, science, and engaging storytelling seamlessly.

Readers are impressed by Ali Hazelwood’s ability to pack so much depth and entertainment into such a compact novella. With high marks from reviewers, the book stands out as an example of how powerful storytelling can be delivered in a concise format while still leaving readers wanting more from the series.

What the book taught the reader

The book taught readers about the complexities of relationships and the potential for unexpected connections. It showed how individuals can overcome their differences and find common ground, even in the most unlikely circumstances.

Additionally, it highlighted the importance of communication and understanding in building meaningful relationships. The story also emphasized the significance of pursuing one’s passions and goals while navigating personal connections, adding depth to the characters’ experiences.

Readers learned about perseverance and resilience in pursuing scientific endeavors while balancing personal lives. The novella conveyed a message of empowerment, showcasing strong female characters excelling in STEM fields while navigating romance and friendship dynamics.


In conclusion, Ali Hazelwood’s “Under One Roof” is a fast and delightful read that perfectly blends science and romance in just 112 pages. The book portrays the enemies-to-lovers trope with Mara and Liam’s forced proximity leading to a charming romance.

Readers are left satisfied by the compelling storytelling and captivating dynamics between the characters, making it a perfect 5-star read. This novella, part of The STEMinist Novellas series, showcases Hazelwood’s talent for delivering an engaging narrative that leaves readers eagerly anticipating more from the series.

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